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At the Pre-Primary level, the aim is:


  1. To create a home away from home where learning is fun.
  2. Child-centered innovative approach.
  3. Flexibility of the curriculum helps the teacher to begin with the child’s area of strength. This facilitates gradual adjustment of the child to the learning environment of the school.
  4. Simple yet interesting activities are incorporated into the daily routine to enhance creativity.
  5. Dramatics, story narration, rhymes, songs, sketching and colouring encourage creative thinking and help to make the child confident.
  6. Intra-class, Inter-house, Story Telling, Poem-Recitation and Fancy-Dress Competitions are held to enhance the personality of the child.
  7. Frequent use of audio-visual aids makes learning fun for the tiny tots.

Primary Level (Class I-V)


  1. A multifaceted approach to academics.
  2. Development of appropriate competence and attitude in students.
  3. Stress is laid on language development through group discussions, public speaking, and creative writing and conversation classes.
  4. Scientific attitude is cultivated through practical demonstration & class activities in Science & Maths.
  5. Project based study including practical experiences are a part of Social Sciences.
  6. Quizzes are held on regular basis.
  7. Intensive use of multimedia.
  8. Students are inspired to be innovative, creative and confident.

Middle Level (Class VI-VIII)


  1. Students motivated to find things out for themselves.
  2. To stimulate their interest and curiosity.
  3. Encouraged to make simple analysis, to explore rationally.
  4. Children are encouraged to read, speak and think about a wide spectrum of subjects.
  5. Regular Science and Computer Science practicals are included to encourage ‘Learning by Doing’ way of attaining knowledge.
  6. Innovative concepts like Reading Logs, Reading Passport, English Conversation, Work Education and Multisensory Teaching Learning are religiously followed.
  7. Regular use of Maths and Science Labs.
  8. Intensive use of multimedia.

Secondary & Senior Secondary Level (Class IX-XII)


At this level, the curriculum, as set by the CBSE is followed.

The school offers Medical (With Biology) with choice of Maths/Computer Science/Physical Education, Non-Medical Science stream with choice of Computer Science/ Physical Education) and Commerce stream with choice of Maths/Computer Science,/Physical Education/Economics/History/Political Science.