• Road No.-7, Anantpura, Kota, Rajasthan Pin - 324005
  • 9829236699, 8005804456
  • Mon - Sat: 8:00AM - 2:00PM
  • DISE CODE: 08300600632
  • PSP CODE: P19043


School Building

Nalanda Academy is an activity based school in Anantpura known for the best CBSE result School in Kota. It represents a place where the students feel a sense of belongingness. It is spacious and provides the students congenial atmosphere.It has well ventilated classrooms, equipped labs and libraries.  ,playground and activity room are laid out in varying forms to inspire interaction and active participation.

Play Area

A lush green play area is equipped with swings, slides, bouncy, tunnels, trampoline and many other play equipments, the use of all these equipments is very helpful in the development of physical and mental growth of the children. Apart from all this we also organise magic shows, bear shows, monkey shows, puppet shows, sledge riding, etc.

Physics Lab

Physics lab is well equipped as per latest concepts and specifications. The school provides a well range of physics lab equipments to perform a number of experiments like lenses, magnets, test tubes, voltameter, electromagnets, glass beakers, etc are includible to conduct any experiment.

Biology Lab

Biology is the natural science that includes the study of life and living organism. Our biology lab has adequate specimens. It is a hub of botanical and zoological learning, equipped with Test-tubes, compound microscope, human skull, charts, 3- D models, etc.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry lab is helpful in effective teaching and learning of science through carrying out various lab experiments. Our chemistry lab is specialized and systematically arranged which is spacious and well ventilated consisting of different equipments such as Analytical Balance, Micro kits, glass beakers and various chemicals, etc.

Computer Lab

Our computer labs provide multimedia facility with high speed internet connectivity. NALANDA ACADEMY conforms to techno savvy learning. Hence it has always been an initiative to introduce Kapsians about the latest technological skills, keyboarding, alphabets, programming languages, etc. Teachers also use the lab with their classes for research or for creating technology based projects.

Smart Class

Smart class makes the learning process more comprehensive and helps the students to learn concepts with an ease through audio-visual teaching- learning process. Our smart classes include the latest syllabus, various slides which provide experimental teaching in classrooms and enhance the students to learn the IT way.