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School Campus

The campus reflects the ideology behind the founding of the school. The school grounds of NALANDA are striking with well-preserved lawns and gardens of flowering shrubs and trees, creating a backdrop of lush greenery; generating an atmosphere of serenity and peace.

The land surrounding the school building echoes with the call and movement of various kinds of birds and other fauna. The students are taught to appreciate the natural beauty around them and not cause any damage to the foliage.

The school acreage has become the practical classroom where our students learn lessons of environmental conservation. They are encouraged to keep the campus clean and tidy and participate in keeping the campus eco-friendly and green. The students’ involvement becomes more active when the school frequently organizes tree-planting campaigns.

The three- storied school structure is constructed around two central patio like open space, with each class room facing this open area enabling ample light and air into each class room. This architectural style combined with a vast atrium made of glass lends to the grandeur of the building. The students are taught to respect the value of property and treat it with care and thoughtfulness.


The airy, ventilated, and well-lighted classrooms are equipped with Digital infrastructure, which creates a scholarly ambience. The School has subscribed to Edu comp Smart class. Well-equipped and furnished with adequate chairs and tables, every classroom is suitably arranged to maximize conducive learning conditions. Further more, constant improvement in infrastructure is necessary and an ongoing process.


Students at Nalanda are encouraged to cultivate the habit of reading. They are encouraged to explore the new vista opened to them through the literary world. Researching and self-learning is one of the core values of our curriculum, and our library constitutes the focal point of information and literary activities of the school.

The library provides readily accessible resources for everyone in the school, with as many as ten thousand volumes of books related to school and non-school subjects. The library boasts of a huge collection of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and other resources on a wide variety of subjects. The library also subscribes to a number of local and national newspapers, newsletters, magazines, periodicals, and journals.


The school is also facilitated by an advanced laboratory for Mathematics. We also have a well-established high-tech Computer Department and IT Centre. A well-defined language lab, where students can hone their reading, listening, speaking and comprehension skills in English language support the English department of the school. Constantly monitored and perfected, this language lab serves as the mainstay of the school.

The school has separate state-of-the-art laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths Lab constantly monitored by the respective staff planned and designed, our laboratories are meticulously placed workstations well equipped with the best and most modern instruments. Spacious, airy, properly lighted and well ventilated, our laboratories are equipped to keep abreast of the advancing global technological trends.

Medical Room

The school understands that the physical condition of the body affects the performance of the mind, so timely intervention in the interest of well-being of the students is imperative.

The school has a fully functional medical room that caters to the general primary health care of the pupils and dedicated medical staff monitor the students during the school hours. In case of mishap, the casualties are given first aid.

In situations where further medical help is required, the school transfers the pupil to an allied reputable hospital. Students with special medical conditions are monitored by our able staff.

The school also actively participates in all the health care initiatives sponsored by the various civic health service department.

Transport (School Bus)

To facilitate easy movement of the students to and from school, the school provides buses and vans to all our students. The conveyance covers the city and its outlying areas, plying students to and from all nook and corner.


A safe school helps children to look forward to being in a secure space that promotes creative learning. When the children’s basic wellbeing and security isn’t met, children may not feel comfortable in school and may eventually try to stay away or stop coming altogether, or they may remain tense, nervous, apprehensive and ill at ease throughout the day. Such students tend to perform badly academically.

Our School recognizes that promoting school safety creates a safe learning environment and an open space for kids to explore, learn and grow and learn the skills needed for a successful education and future. Hence, the school has implemented certain security measures.

A primary security checkpoint at the main gates manned by trained professional security guards ensures that no one enters the campus without proper whetting. The complete school campus is under CCTV surveillance. The school monitors the staff and student body to prevent assaults, bullying, fights, victimization, thefts, sexual attacks, etc.

The Teachers and staff are assigned regular duties to tour the corridors and rooms to watch for unusual activity or suspicious behavior.